Planning, Preparation, Assessment

We at B.A. Academy are well aware that all teachers are entitled to time outside of the classroom in order to prepare and mark lessons. PPA’s allocated time away from the classroom during helping ease teachers’ workload, we would like to assist with this process.

B.A. Academy can ensure that all members of our rapidly growing team have high-level expertise, excellent behaviour management skills and most importantly align with the ethos of your school.

We can offer a wide variety of fun activities at competitive rates that have the sole purpose of pupil development. B.A. Academy is currently working with a number of primary schools in the area and have an excellent track record of reliability and providing unique, high-quality sessions. For PPA, we can offer Musical Theatre, Dance, Multi-Sports, Gymnastics and more. This information booklet aims to provide details on the activities that we offer along with how it can benefit your school.

How we add value


We have established and maintained strong relationships with all of our schools by providing high-quality sessions across a wide range of activities. We are proud to say we have had an 8-year long relationship with Brunswick, one of the biggest Primary schools in the UK.


We understand how fast-paced the primary school environment is, our staff can quickly adapt to your school’s needs and fit in with your culture.


Our staff can quickly relate to your pupils and integrate seamlessly into the teaching staff in order to add that personal touch.


With previous experience in both PPA cover and working in primary schools, we specialise in providing high-quality activities tailored to those of both Key Stage 1 & 2 children.

Stability & Consistency

We offer coherence across all of our activities since we make it our number one priority to follow both the appropriate behavioural and health & safety procedures.


We understand how savvy school decision makers must be when deciding where to allocate their budget. That’s why we are proud to say that we strive to be a cost-effective solution to your PPA needs by offering competitive rates.

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