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“Unknown email address. Check again or try your username”
Make sure your email address has no spelling mistakes. If it’s correct, we do not have an account for you. You may have tried to register but this was unsuccessful – likely due to a mismatch in email or password. We have improved the registration form (13th Mar @ 9am) so that seeing errors during account registration is easily identifiable. When you are successful, you will (1) receive a confirmation email from us, (2) be logged in and proceed to the next registration step. If this didn’t happen for you, please proceed to register again.

“The password you entered for the username {yourname} is incorrect.”
If you have forgotten your password, please reset it by clicking here.

*UPDATE* Infinite loading wheel despite valid login credentials
Users Reported: 18th March @ 9am & 22nd March @7pm
Bug Fixed: 22nd March @ 9pm
The bug occurred when attempting to log in despite entering a valid email and password. This issue is now resolved.

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